About us

This summer a new party has landed in Sankeys, adding another fresh tinge to the committedly underground programme of the club. The name of the newcomer is Rebels Cave, and it takes place every Friday, with the closing scheduled for September 29. It is an event with a pedigree and a strong loyal following in Ibiza - which doesn’t at all contradict the fact that 2017 is the debut season for this club night. The thing is that Rebels Cave was created by the team behind the tremendously popular Capadi Rebels boat party, which first set sail in 2010. Notorious for its indigenous underground spirit, that boat quickly conquered a massive fanbase and became one of the most recognizable nautic brands of Ibiza. Four years ago the time has come for Capadi to go ashore and join forces with Viva Warriors, one of the most emblematic nights at Sankeys. The collaboration turned out to be a blast, with the Rebels hosting just one room back then, the Spektrum. Now that Viva Warriors are no longer going on at Sankeys on a weekly basis, the rebellious crew decided to take over the whole club - and their fans just couldn’t be happier about it.

Sticking to the orthodox underground policy, the Rebels don’t put their stakes on big name DJs. On the contrary, they do their best at offering something sonically different and exciting. Depending on the week, you might see Anek, East End Dubs, Yaya or Nakadia behind the decks, but the main force of this event series would be the likes of David Gtronic, Chad Andrew, Kan.e and Baterista. In terms of interior design, the club undergoes a considerable transformation every Friday. Cavernous as it is, the Basement turns into a cozy piece of a jungle, decorated with flowers and with the DJ booth moved forward on the dancefloor, on the same level with the punters. Such a layout creates a greater intimacy and delivers a completely new experience of partying at Sankeys.

And now attention. There is a unique feature about Rebels Cave that serves as an absolutely irresistible bait for punters. Knowing just how constantly hungry Ibiza conquerors are, the team behind the party made a generous move of offering free vegetarian barbeque to the guests! It starts at 9pm, lasts till midnight and takes place on the open terrace. Many visitors of the island complain of way too late Spanish dinner times: while here it is a norm to go to a restaurant at 11pm, some would have died starving by that time. That’s why the idea of offering a yummy meal at a relatively early hour is twice a good idea, obviously. The barbecue fills you with energy and supplies the body with enough fuel to keep dancing all night long – but it’s not just your stomach that will be treated. There on the terrace you will find art installations and stalls with handcraft goodies, so there is actually plenty of entertainment before the big dancing affair starts downstairs.

Rebels Cave is a club night with overall friendly and family vibes, definitely inherited from their infamous boat parties. It perfectly matches Sankeys in terms of vibes and aesthetics and proves itself to be a valuable acquisition for the club’s programme. Don’t hesitate to give it a try – Friday nights in Ibiza are meant to be a Rebel!!